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We are a family owned and operated company with over 12 years experience in all aspects of construction. We specialize in additions and remodels but can build your custom dream home from the ground up. All design and engineering services are provided in house. Tell us how you want it built, or let us design it for you. Either way, let's bring your dreams to life.

We provide outstanding customer service and maintain a clean, safe job site at all times. We love taking ordinary and turning it into extraordinary. We pride ourselves in our workmanship. Because of that, your satisfaction is our main objective. Focusing on the quality, professionalism, honor, integrity and dedication that every client deserves.


       "I came across this company while trying to end an agreement with another contractor that had ended up being a huge disappointment. I was very lucky to meet someone as responsible and professional as J.D. when I did. The professionalism of JDL UCC shows in the craftsmanship, impeccable work habits and courteous manner modeled by J.D. and clearly articulated as an expectation to his crew. I have had the pleasure to contract with this company twice."

— Sally M.

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